Superconductor with lithium salts

Superconductor – Gel solution with lithium salts

Lithium Gel 1% is recommended in all diagnostic and medical applications where it is necessary to reduce the contact resistance between the detection electrodes and the skin in the acquisition of bioelectrical signals. In particular, the excellent superconductivity of this product means that the elective uses are identified in the various cases where the characteristics of the signals to be detected are of very low amplitude such as the EEG, EMG and PE signals. The particular formulation characteristic guarantees a very high efficiency for the entire duration of the examination or long-term treatment.

Relevant specifications, qualitative and safety aspects

Lithium 1% is an electro-conducting gel, enriched with lithium salts and is water-soluble. The particular cross-linked structure of high resistance that characterizes the product limits the liquefaction effect of the gel caused by substances with a high saline content, for example sweat and body fat, obtaining considerable savings during use, as it does not make frequent additions of product necessary during the examination or treatment. Lithium 1% is totally free of perfumes or essences, which can cause primary allergic reactions,

It does not contain formaldehyde and its pH is neutral. The containers used are made of food grade material and are latex free.

Oweston carries out constant quality controls on the entire production, batch and packaging cycle.

Physical and chimical characteristics of GEL

Composition: gel hydropolyhydrosilic solution

Contains: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Carbomer, Disodium Edta, Methylparaben

Fragrance: No

Color: Transparent

Solubility in water: soluble

Densit at 20°C: 1,03 g/ml

Viscosity: 47.000 (40.000 – 54.000) mps

Flammability: not flammable

Ph at 20°C: 6,95 ± 0,2

Containers used: see the table below for product and packaging codes.

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