Powerful and resitive cream

Moisturizing conductive cream for diathermy and massage

Physio Cream is indicated in physiotherapy when it is necessary to optimize the benefits created by the biocompatible energy transfer to the injured tissues and by using devices for diathermy.

Since the treatment is carried out manually almost like a massage, it is essential to use creams that keep their characteristics intact during the session. The particular characteristics of Physio Cream make the stimulation and strengthening effects of the tissues immediate and stable.

Physio Cream, through its formula capable of maintaining the physiological characteristics, favors the performance of the three fundamental actions specific to the treatment of trauma pathology through resistive and capacitive diathermy:

• immediate and effective analgesic action that occurs by acting on the nerve endings;
• draining action of the tissues;
• functional stimulation of the peripheral circulation by increasing the endogenous temperature.

Physio Cream is rich in emollient and moisturizing substances that make it suitable for use even in manual massage carried out without the use of functional currents.

Relevant specifications, qualitative and safety aspects

Physio Cream is made according to cosmetic criteria, using quality raw materials and adopting specific production techniques.

The cream is easy to use, to be spread on the body with long-lasting high flow capacity in the application as it has been formulated for the performance of biostimulating treatments.

The particular substances which slow down the drying process, favoring the sliding of the treatment handpiece of the diathermy equipment allow to reduce consumption, facilitating the therapist’s work. Physio Cream releases a beneficial emollient and moisturizing action on the skin.

Physio Cream, has the characteristics of a cosmetic cream, is completely absorbed, does not stain and is completely water-soluble. It does not contain formaldehyde.

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